Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cubicle Lunch: Leftover Fish

Image courtesy of redfishemergingmarkets.com

Today, I'm the annoying girl who brings fish for lunch.
I hate that girl.

The fish is left over from last night's experimental dinner. To truly understand and appreciate this experiment, you must know that F loves Cheez-Its and barely tolerates fish.

I thought that by crusting a cod fillet in his favorite snack, I could trick F into changing his mind. I crushed a bunch of Cheez-Its, coated the fillet, and baked. Sounded like a flawless plan.

It didn't work too well, honestlywhich is why there are leftovers for my lunch.


  1. Oh reduced-fat cheez-it crusted cod filet, you never had a chance...

  2. so did everyone in your office ask, WHO is cooking FISH?

  3. Cheez-it crusted chicken with pepper/chiles = delicious!