Monday, December 28, 2009


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I have to apologize for being MIA. F always teases that when I become interested in something (like food, for instance), I devote my every waking hour to it, to the exclusion of everything else.

This is true.

I have been writing a Big Project (BF) for the last few months, and I am committed to finishing it, no matter what else suffers. I may forget to eat, my marriage may fail, I may lose my job, and worst of all, I may forget to post on High Heels. But by God, I will finish BF!

BF has nothing to do with food, so I can't really share much about it here. But I can say that much of my time has been dominated by writing. I write at lunch. I write on the bus. I write while walking down the sidewalk. I write at the gym. I write while sauteeing chicken. I've taken a few workshops, I went to a conference, I've been reading related books and magazines, I've been applying to contests and requesting grants.

I think F is correct in saying that I commit to things.

But don't worry. I'm around.


  1. for serious, man. You are DEDICATED. the BF or bust! For the record, your super efforts towards accomplishing your goal would never lead to a failure of marriage. I got your back, yo!

  2. Its not just you. Once my college roommate was asked to describe me and she said that I get super focused and obsessed with one thing at a time. I was startled, and it was so true!

  3. Heck. Yes. I fully support this obsession.

    Just...drink plenty of fluids and don't let your brain melt. :-)

  4. I just now went back and reread this post and realized I abbreviated "Big Project" as "BF." Maybe I should take some workshops in spelling while I'm at it.