Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Rite of Spring

Every year I count down the days to May 6 when white tents and produce trucks appear across the street, heralding what—to me—means the first day of spring: the Green City Market.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays until the end of October, the Green City Market takes up residence in the park next to the farm at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The city skyline rises majestically in the distance, while farm animals graze and cluck behind a white picket fence next door. It's a strange and wonderful mix of Midwestern charms.

Saturdays feature live music and chef demonstrations, and dogs and children scamper underfoot. Wednesday mornings are calmer, populated by retirees and young mothers with strollers. On these quiet mornings, I like to walk to work by way of the market, browsing the stalls and picking up cubicle snacks.

I was at the market promptly at 7am when it opened this morning. Even this early in the season, the stalls were full of flowers and fruits, vegetables and baked goods, salsa samples and crepes. I sampled all of my favorite salsas and crackers, petted a few puppies, greeted the farm chickens, tasted some Wisconsin cheese, and admired all of the flowers I cannot buy on account of a certain fat, greedy cat.

I bought a basket of Gala apples, feeling very country chic as I carried them around the market (the chicness vanished as soon as I squatted in the dirt to take photos of the produce).
More on Saturday!


  1. i have doubts as to the veracity of your cheese eating, missy! But other than that, lovely photos. Also, you could purchase flowers anyway, Barry is far to selfish to let a small thing like death interfere with his eating habits.

  2. Perhaps I ate the cheese for the sake of journalism. Perhaps not. You'll never know!

  3. i think this might be the year i actually go. i'm just saying...